Thursday, December 17, 2009

one more favorite thing

my very most favorite christmas story is 'the gift of the magi' by o. henry. i have loved it since my childhood and read it every year. as a child, my grandmother gave me this copy of the book with these gorgeous illustrations by lisbeth zwerger. this morning in my inbox was this lovely reading of it from my friend d. i think i responded to this story as a child for the same reason i also loved 'the little mermaid' (the hans christian anderson version NOT disney), because they are stories of real love, love that sacrifices, that puts others happiness above you own, love that echoes the love our Savior gives to us. i think i also respond to the bittersweet irony of the lovers sacrifices for each other that only serves to illustrate more the true gift they have, the gift of deep and true love, the gift of the heart. so gather your loved ones near and enjoy this holiday classic, preferably while sitting and watching your tree.

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Lindsey P said...

this story is too sad for me, but i love the illustrations. it's the same person who illustrated by copy of the selfish giant. love that book.