Friday, December 11, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year

i love christmas. and it is so great this year to have my very own little home to decorate. i went and got my tree last weekend with a group of students and have been busy making things cheery and bright. my sweet grandma lenore has made me (and all her 100+) grandchildren a homemade ornament every year for my entire life. most of the ornaments shown here are made with love by her. i treasure them. most of my glass ornaments belonged to my great grandpa webster and are such fun vintage patterns and designs.


sam said...

Hooooraayy! beautimous pics, zi! i love the black and white ikea rug as well ;)

K8 said...

I hope I get to visit your home during this holiday season.

I always love your grandmother's ornmanents-- I remember when you got the sequined octopus! Such a creative lady.

You have such good genes, do you know that?

Ann Marie said...

wow! i love all of those ornaments! what a treasure.
i bet your house is oh so cheery indeed!

sara said...

i want to be in that home. with you. right now.

eped said...

yeah, nice octopus