Tuesday, December 15, 2009

winter love

i love winter. i love snow. i love the sun on the snow. i love watching snow falling. i love moonless snowy nights where the stars and snow glitter. i love full moons in winter where it's as bright as day and the world is blue. so you can imagine how upset i was when yesterday i HAD to go (as part of my job) up fairview canyon to help monitor the ski and snowboard team as they road the hill that we maintain at the cabin wasatch owns. it's so gorgeous up there. and such a sweet set up with a snocat that grooms the run and jumps, and then tows the kids up the hill every 5 minutes. all i had to do was traipse about on my snow shoes watching, and enjoying a lovely afternoon on the mountain. sigh. such tough duty. i hope wherever you are, you are getting out and enjoying the beauty of this gorgeous season!


sam said...

these little photo collages are the definition of happiness! also, thanks for the ikea 'as is' secret :)

Marcus Pulsipher said...

That just isn't fair. :)

Eliza said...

I love YOU!

NEC said...

Zina, I absolutely love these pictures.

I'm back in DC and I am homesick for Utah every day and entries like these make me excited to be in ol Sanpete for Christmas and the New Year.

thank you again.


Nikki C.