Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i've decided that this year i am going to allow myself to purchase one book and one film per month. i have many books, and love getting and reading new ones. but my film collection is quite scant and only includes films i REALLY love and someday want my children to watch (like 'room with a view', 'the danish poet', animation of yuri norstein, 'persuasion'). here's what i just bought for january:i've been meaning to read some rilke for quite some time, and that quote from my last post pushed me over the edge. i did a little research and like the looks of this book. if for nothing but the title alone!
'la strada' is one of my all-time favorite films. i love it's haunting beauty, the sad circus feel, the portrait of true unconditional love that breaks your heart, the hope and magic that can exist in all places . . . definitely one i want in my library.
others on the film list are:
'spirited away' or 'howl's moving castle' (or both), 'the sound of music', 'true stories', 'you can't take it with you', 'jean de florette' and 'manon de la source' . . . and lots of other i can't think of. classics. building a library. what suggestions do you have? essentials in your film library?


GrittyPretty said...

such great films!
maybe you've seen some of these?
The Color of Paradise
To Live
The Polish Wedding
Practical Magic
anything directed by Sally Potter: Tango Lesson, Orlando

LouBennion said...

If you fancy Rilke, get "Wings of Desire," Wim Wender's film based on some Rilke poems.

eped said...

Rural Hours - Susan Fennimore Cooper.

just a guess, maybe check it out before you buy.

david. said...
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david. said...

i know you've seen "central station" but i think fernanda montenegro is brilliant in it and it kills me every time i think of that final scene with her on the bus back to rio.

i love that movie.
and i love you!