Friday, January 22, 2010

a little tlc

yesterday i was tired and feeling a little tattered. it's been a long week. i needed some tlc. so where did i go? mom and dad's of course. where i was met with lots of love, listening ears, sound advice, delicious elk roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, apple cider, and to top it off . . . mom's lemon sour cream pie. only the best pie in the world. it was just what i needed. i felt calm and peaceful as i left, and when i got home i followed it up with a nice bath using my new FAVORITE bath milk, it's so lovely and leaves my skin so soft and smells so nice, and goat's milk lotion afterwards. then i made myself a cup of some new tea i got, and my goodness! i am in LOVE. last night i had the harmonise, which is rosebud, vanilla and chamomile, and then this morning i tried the three mint blend. DELICIOUS. very flavorful, subtle, and so aromatic. i topped the evening off by reading in bed for an hour, and then taking a dreamboost which give me really vivid dreams. last night i dreamt that my familiy went backpacking with our friends the larsens to coyote gulch, except at the bottom of the canyon was this huge complex of roman style baths and fountains filled with the most pure, beautiful water and we just swam and swam and it was so lovely. i woke up feeling much less tattered and much more peaceful.


homegrown said...

Ooo, these are all new treats I would like to try. Thanks for passing on the info. I am especially interested in the bath milk and the dream enhancing pills! Those sound awesome. I will probably dream of taking milk baths since our apartment does not have a tub :(
Sounds like you know real well how to take care of a girl!
I hope you are feeling a lot better now and thanks for the blog comment on my new mushroom dyes. We definitely think of you often as well :)

karyn starr said...

zina. you are such a love. xo karyn

david. said...

dream enhancing pills = acid.