Tuesday, January 26, 2010

forks and knives (la fete)

so those who have been to my humble little cottage know that my sink sucks, well actually, it does not suck . . . which is the problem. it is constantly draining SO SLOW and creating unpleasant murky water that involves me and a plunger for several minutes every time i do dishes. i hate it. i've tried drain-o, voodoo, begging, pleading, you name it. then this weekend things took a turn for the worse when as i did dishes water started leaking out of the cupboards below the sink in a steady stream. upon investigation i found a most unfortunate hole in one of the main pipes, rusted right through. so i emailed the fabulous maintenance dudes here at the w-a and today when i came home to get changed for winter sports gary was just finishing installing a new pipe. i told him i hoped now my sink would drain better, and he said 'oh, i know why it wasn't draining right' and proceeded to pull out the old pipe which had two forks and a knives in it!! i examined them only to deduce that they certainly were not mine, so who knows how long they'd been down there! ridiculous. and hilarious. and now WONDERFUL that my sink drains like a dream. it's the little things that matter a lot.

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kel said...

a working drain is a thing of beauty!