Monday, March 19, 2007


In no particular order some of my favorite things about spring: bikes, skirts, daffoldils, hyacinth, lilacs, birds, longer evenings, SUN, blossoms, cadburry eggs (the small ones), picnics, community, FRIENDS, cotton sheets, breezes, kites, bouncy songs, no coats, playing outside, clean air, baby sheep, ducklings, bright blue skies with breezy clouds, school ending, sunburns, laughter, camping, my flipflops, everything!
Yeah, pretty much all I've been doing is bike rides, lying in the sun, and hanging out. . . It's the best ever.

bike love!, slurpees!, friends!


Dainon said...

If I buy the super-powered pogo stick I've been planning to buy for so long, can I bounce alongside you guys? I swear I'll bounce real fast.

heatherlynn said...

i saw your post on dainon's blog, loved it, commented on his about yours, then came here to see who you are--i wanna be friends with you! you love to do all the same things i love to do and are a marilynne robinson fan!

Laurel Dugan said...

You are hot. I got the same haircut- mine is shorter - but the same idea. xoxo Pulsar