Monday, November 24, 2008

foccacia mia

so the night before my defense i spent several hours in the kitchen relieving stress by making foccacia that i hoped would be good enough to distract people from my presentation the next day (its tradition in our department that you bring food for people who come to your defense). you'd think making something for the first time wouldn't be the smartest idea for such an important event, but that's never stopped me before. i used the recipe from the cook's illustrated baking book, mixed with some elements from jamie oliver (naked chef). i made a rosemary and olive oil one, a caramelized onion one, and tried to recreate the green olive foccacia i would buy each week at a little foccocceria down the street from my school when i lived in florence. they turned out pretty good and i'm excited to experience with some new flavors.


K8 said...


Remember when you passed your defense? That was awesome.

Homemade foccacia on top of that? Double awesome.

I miss you!

Rebecca said...

Zina-traced you down from your comment on my blog. How did you defense go? I am glad Ashley got with you. Love you! Sister K

Camille said...

Oooo I want some... we do need to have a "date" soon! :)