Saturday, November 01, 2008

i thought i was done

but she told me to rewrite one section by monday . . . and then turn it in. so my plans for blissful vegging and hiking all weekend were shot and i'm back to my beloved laptop . . . speaking of beloved inanimate objects . . . it could've been worse, i could have been married to the berlin wall like this lady. so so weird. at least i'm only on my way to being a crazy cat lady, not a crazy 'i'm married to the berlin wall' lady. Link


Mr. Fob said...

There's still hope--there are still pieces of the wall around, aren't there? If not, there's always the Great Wall of China. I mean, why settle for less than the best?

Sorry about the rewrite. I hope you get to relax next weekend!

Lindsey P said...

So Close! and for real, I think we can all be grateful that we're not married to the Berlin wall, especially since it was knocked down. Who wants to be married to a pile of rocks? but hey. love is love.

laura said...

whoa. i've possibly never heard of something more bizarre.
i am really sorry that you have to rewrite a section. :(

joe the Potter said...

I wish more people had a Bennion pottery fetish.