Friday, November 07, 2008

title track

this morning i was sitting in one of my four window seats enjoying the sun and watching a deer nibble on grass outside, sifting through the still fresh snow. i thought of a line from 'poisenwood bible' (barbara kingslover, if you've not read it, DO IT) "i trust in creation that is made fresh each day". and as i sat i thought about this idea, of the miracle, majesty and mystery of nature/creation. i spend so much time just looking at the sunset, or the snow fall, or the deer munching in my yard . . . and i feel inspired, and connected to all of it. i am amazed that nature goes on doing it beautiful amazing thing all the time, regardless and totally indifferent to whether i am watching. i hope i can be like this. create, and be beautiful and inspiring with no audience. to do it all for love of being what i am and in love of the creator of all. i know these are not new or profound thoughts, but they slide around in my mind, and become more real the more time i spend watching, listening and feeling. this song by beth gibbons (of portishead) sums up a lot of what i feel, the opening line "god knows how i adore life" sums it all up. if i had to pick a title track for my life, this would be it. plus, this video? so gorgeous.


laura said...

it is so much easier for me to produce when there is some kind of audience. i often wish it weren't. sometimes i try to accept this and feel okay about it. other days it feels like a battle. thanks for sharing the song. i'd never heard it before.

Heather Sanders said...

Do you know that almost every day I think about moving in with you? I seriously feel very jealous of your life right now. I mean, I love my life, but I have been feeling this immense draw to live on the land and enjoy the things that you are enjoying. If I show up on your doorstep one day, don't be too surprised.