Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tales of hans the brave, etc.

so yesterday inga and i were looking out the window at two deer, a mama and a baby (if you haven't noticed, there are a LOT of deer around my place these days). The mama was looking very worriedly under inga's truck, her ears kept flicking, and her nose was twitching. we were just as bewildered trying to figure out what she was looking at, when none but mr. hans stepped coyly out from under the truck. he gave sort of half a glance at the deer, turned and sauntered off. earlier that day i'd hear a bunch of deer stampeding and i'm almost certain hans was chasing them.

then today annalisa and i decided to take a little hike up bill allred canyon to my favorite spot. now hans makes the walk out to the pigs with me every morning and evening, and spends prodigious amounts of time outside, so i thought i'd invite him on our hike. mind you this is probably a three mile hike or so, not so long, but very long for a cat. he trotted along quite well, but after a while got tired and proceeded to meow and meow in his full husky voice. what ensued was a combination of me carrying him, him being upset by that, me deciding maybe this time he'd follow, but he'd just go sit under a tree and yowl. so i carried him. once up in the canyon he was happy as a clam exploring and being his jungle cat self (it was such a pretty day up there!)
but then when it was time to turn around and head home, he once again yowled and hid under trees. so i carried him again and invented this most useful cat snuggly. all in all it was a grand adventure for mr. hans, and he has been asleep by the first ever since we got home. poor tuckered whiney baby.
in other news . . . analisa and some kids from aspiro helped me load manure and leaves for two days and put the garden to be for the winter! we used the sheet mulching technique were you make a lasagna of cardboard, manure and leaves over your garden. this will decompose under the snow and give you rich, weed resistant soil in the spring. yeah!


Lindsey P said...

so fun!!! i think your life is cooler than mine... not fair.

The Baker's Goods said...

OOOOH, I'm impressed with your gardening skills, I want to learn more. I recently read Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, which has inspired me to become more self reliant and grow all my own stuff, but i have much to learn. Maybe Eli and I could come down for a day and you can teach us your gardening wisdom. Ashley K.B

Elise said...

Mr. Hans is so handsome! If Joel weren't allergic to cats, I would get myself a hunk like that.

Yes, you do lead an amazing life. I'm sure my 11 year old sister will grow up and be like you some day. And it will be amazing.

I hope the thesis craziness is done for you!

laura said...

If I were Reubs I'd be so jealous of that cat snuggly.