Monday, November 10, 2008

r.i.p. mama africa

one of my musical heroes died doing what she loved yesterday, singing on stage in southern italy. miriam makeba, or 'mama africa' was a huge voice of south african music and also spoke out openly (and appeared before the UN) against apartheid. because of this she was exiled to the u.s. for awhile. i first heard her from my dad, and then learned more of her when she was featured in 'amandla: a revolution in four part harmony' (if you haven't seen it DO IT). her music is so gorgeous, she is so gorgeous, and she sings from a real and beautiful place.


Ann Marie said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing her music! Wow.

eped said...

thanks Zi. I hadn't heard.
Beware Verwoerd!

Liz said...

I love Mama Africa, too! Ryan and I were both sad when we heard the news. We listened to her music for a while on Monday while thinking about her.