Friday, October 09, 2009

it's autumn time it's autumn time

the leaves are (sort of) falling down! this last week my hiking/gardening class and i have helped my parents pick the apples in their orchard, and yesterday we made apple cider with my families ancient hand cranked press. this is quintessential fall for me, as i've done this every year for as long as i can remember. there is nothing better then fresh squeezed cider! so last night, to celebrate the fresh cider, i decided to try my hand at homemade doughnuts to go with it. i'd never made them before, but baker's illustrated (only the BEST baking book ever, from america's test kitchen dudes) came to the rescue and we made some delicious buttermilk doughnuts and enjoyed them and cider, by the second fire in my fireplace.
i've decided this year that fall really is, hands down, my favorite season. i love the crisp air, the brisk breezes, the golden sun, the gorgeous leaves, the dusting of snow on the mountain peaks, the first smell of woodsmoke wafting through a neighborhood at night, wearing sweaters and vests, rainy days, sunny days . . . all of it. so great.
i hope you all are enjoying fall wherever you may be- hopefully sipping a warm beverage, curled up by a warm fire with a lovely book and a howling wind outside!


Marcus Pulsipher said...

Fall is my favorite as well. Sadly, it seems to last barely a month before winter takes over. Those doughnuts look seriously tasty. I'll have to put that on my list to make some day.

Ann Marie said...

oh my! how i wish i was there. i LOVE falll for these very reasons. wish i could have helped with the apple-picking, etc.

homegrown said...

Hi Zina! Happy Birthday last week! Thanks for the owl comment on my blog, it reminded me to check your blog. You have been up to so many great things! I love reading about your new job and fall activities. I love fall, too! I bet your owls are so cute; I also am excited to see pictures of your sweater! I'll have to show Adam your latest blog posts, we miss you! We are glad you are happy and well!