Monday, October 05, 2009

the tale of hitcher the brave

so yesterday i accidentally (and unintentionally i might add) stole my friend's neighbor's cat. oops.
i had driven to provo with my parents and greatly enjoyed the first session of conference with them and my grandmother. i then ventured out in the gloomy rain to enjoy the second session with my friend and his family. i was parked outside their house for oh, about four hours. then i headed back to provo, picked up the 'rents and headed home. my parents dropped me off in mt. pleasant, and then on to spring city. they commented that when they got out of the car they thought they heard a cat meowing, but didn't see one and so went inside. this morning my mom went out and heard a cat meow again, and so investigated. she searched all over the car, under the seats, in the back . . . and then she lifted the hood and found THIS adorable black kitten lying on the engine!!! this little tenacious thing had crawled up in our car presumably whilst i was parked in salt lake, and stayed there ALL THE WAY TO SPRING CITY!!! and it was RAINING!!! poor little dear. he's such a little lover, and short haired too. i flirted with the idea of adopting him, i even named him 'hitcher', but i held strong. i don't need to be one cat closer to crazy cat lady-dom (though some might argue i'm already there . . . kate). so i generously gave him to the woman who runs the equestrian program here. she said she'd make him a barn kitty . . . until she saw him. they she said he might be a house cat. little hitcher, my halloween kitty good omen.hitcher and his new mama


Marcus Pulsipher said...

I still can't believe that story! My mom will check with the neighbors to see if he belongs to anyone, but he's probably better off where he is now. It was good to see you on Sunday!

K8 said...

hitcher is cute. i would have forgiven you.

Lindsey P said...

soooo dang cute. plus, Hitcher is a great cat name. i kinda wish you kept him cuz he comes with a great story.