Thursday, October 22, 2009

viva la france!

so i spent the morning talking with pat, the other teacher that i am leading a group of students to france with this spring. we talked about all sorts of lovely things, and she showed me little villages and hidden gems we can visit (she is from france and therefore has all the scoops). our conversation left me feeling all giddy and breezy and dreaming of turquoise waters, medieval castles, creamy cheeses and all things french. and then i walked out into a perfect stormy fall day, which for some reason put me in an andrew bird sort of mood. and then i thought, perfect! la blogotheque! the wonderful little site where they film artists that come through paris in intimate, interesting, and unassuming settings, doing there thing. so here is the dashing andrew doing his thing in montmarte.
and then, because i love this, and it's the first blogotheque i ever saw, arcade fire. my favorite is the elevator part.


Almostgreat said...

Ok... Now I have been officially introduced to Andrew Bird. He seems to have a LOT of stuff, if I were to get just one album, which do you recommend?

ZLB said...

oooohhhh, so hard to decide! the mysterious production of eggs would be a good starter, but weather systems is a classic, his older stuff w/ bowl of fire is more vintage jazz (a la squirrel nut zippers) so if you like that you may want to start there. send me your address josie and i'll send you a bird mix!

K8 said...

regular blogging from zina?

what a tremendous gift!

i am so delighted.

ZLB said...

just for you kate.