Tuesday, October 20, 2009

too rich for these veins!

holy spendy cow batman! i just found this report that shows my alma mater sarah lawrence to be the most expensive college in the u.s. $54,410 a year!!!! dang girl! i thought it was pricey when i went there, but it's almost $20,000 more than it was 10 years ago. i'm glad i'm not a freshman applying now! sheesh! how do people afford college? i mean is it really worth that much? don't get me wrong, i love the ol' slc and loved my classes and experiences there, but that much money just seems ludicrous. what am i going to do with my little ones (that i don't even have yet) grow up and want to follow their mama's footsteps? at that point it will probably be $200,000 a year. crap.

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