Tuesday, October 27, 2009

little wild horsies on the loose!

this last weekend i took a small group of students down to little wild horse canyon in the san rafael swell. it was a gorgeous day with high wispy clouds, that perfect pale southern sun, the cottonwoods were at their absolute peak of brilliant golden yellow, the canyon was twisty and sublime, and the company was excellent. the four kids that came are all wonderful and something about the day brought out the inner child in each of us- we laughed, played, made crazy noises, sang, and shared our thoughts about what matters most, what we most fear, the qualities we aspire to, and what our life theme song would be. all in all, a most excellent day at work.
we were hiking along and the kids just started making all sorts of animal, car, whatever noises, and i secretly took a video of it, they thought i was just taking pictures. so wonderful.


sam said...

I love that this is your job. What a dream come true!

We love you, Zi!

Marcus Pulsipher said...

Wow! Those are some seriously awesome pictures. We definitely need to go there.

Lindsey P said...

oh man, oh man! maybe next time I can tag along? is that allowed? I'm pretty dang jelous right now.

ZLB said...

mark: yes. we need to go there. there is a loop hike that my kids weren't up to doing, but it's only 8 miles.
pack: HECK YES!!! come along ANY time. lemme know.