Tuesday, March 11, 2008

il sole bo bole

woohoo its sunny sunny gorgeous outside!!! yeah! some good things:
1. yesterday i finally bought a book of mary oliver poetry for ME i've bought so many of hers and given them away but this one is mine all mine
2. i got my peru sunglasses fixed at lund's optical and mr. lund was so nice and gave me a chamois cloth to clean them with and showed me some cool optical allusions. i love local businesses.
3. today i wore my patent leather yellow shoes.
4. the other night i watched "the refugee allstars" about these wonderful inspiring musicians from sierra leon.
5. i have been embroidering.
6. I had a dream the other night that i lived and worked on a tall ship (and i had curly hair) and then it was discovered i was the daughter of the raddest pirate couple ever and i was a pirate princess, and we were nice pirates.
7. this pic from the break dance birthday i threw for my roomie lindsey last week replete with professional bboy kyle who taught us some sweet moves.


Ann Marie said...

Isn't life wonderful?! (especially when you're a pirate princess! I love that!

Lindsey P said...

too lagit, too lagit to quit

Caleb said...

mr. lund and I go way back. he's filled two or more prescriptions for me.