Thursday, March 27, 2008

yo provo!!!

people of provo you should know that the new michel gondry film 'be kind rewind' is playing at the dollar theater at university mall. cool right?! its just come out in regular theaters, but for a cool buck fifty you can see it in a crappy theater surrounded by orem teens. i went the other night with pack and we both loved it. its quite a different feel from his last film (science of sleep), and at first i felt it was dragging a bit and i was worried i would be bored, but then more it went on the more into it i got, and i almost felt like i was a part of the film. it ends so wonderfully, it made me feel like i was in my childhood again. . . making up plays, being a part of a community. it was really heartwarming. and as a result of seeing the film i now have a MASSIVE crush on mos def and can't stop listening to his music. i mean look at him? how could you not?


canyouhearme? said...

go here -->

ahhh...mos def.

ZLB said...

ummmm, p.s. i went and saw it again tonight. . .i don't think i've seen a movie twice in the theater since. . . home alone? when i was like 10?

ashleigh said...

oh man, i have the BIGGEST crush on mos def! seriously, so great to look at. and his rhymes are pretty dope too!!! as soon as this film comes out in sydney i will go see it! xo