Saturday, March 15, 2008

snow flurries and small thoughts

yesterday the sky was spitting snow at me as i rode to school, but it's ok. that's spring. that's march. temperamental, jealous winter still trying to assert her power over gentle amiable spring. the lamb and the lion. a couple of things:
1. last friday davey and i enjoyed the delicious early spring evening by strolling about downtown provo in their monthly first friday of the month gallery stroll. it was super! we started out at mode botique where ruel brown was showing off his awesome monsters, collages, wall drawings, and dapper white jacket. it was so great! our favorite for sure. then we hit coal umbrella, metropolitan hair salon, the flower basket boutique, terra nova gallery and then gallery 110. we topped the evening off with one more stop at mode to bid on our favorite pieces, and lovely raquel snapped this pic of us with allan. it was such a great evening. everyone should do it every month!
2. i have a trashy side. and that trashy side loves some gross things. like corn dogs. i love corn dogs. mmm mmm good. but i've been a mostly vegetarian for the last year and a half, so i gave up my guilty pleasure of breaded meat on a stick. until my friend elaine told me about veggie corn dogs. so i bought some, and last night tried one, and i am totally sold! viva la guilty pleasure! with a slightly more safe/moral/healthy twist!
3. last night we had a frenchie themed movie night. we watched 'paris, je t'aime' and 'la vie en rose'. i liked both of them very very much, though both left my heart aching a bit because of the sadness and beauty of life. the unfair, and unnecessary pain some endure, but the beauty they are still able to find/create/enjoy. sigh. (this is a pic from one of my favorite short in 'paris. . ').
4. i have been doing quite a lot of job/home hunting lately. i'm trying to figure out what to do with my life, from where to move in the fall, to what to do. i'll admit to feeling a little overwhelmed. there is the desire to just cross some ocean and work abroad teaching or doing humanitarian work. . . but i love to be close to my parents and friends here in utah. and then i feel i'm not sure what kind of job i'm qualified for with my hodge podge background in visual arts, literature, recreation management, library work, summer camp work, basic gardening, etc. i love working with people, especially teens, i love teaching, i love being outside, i love being creative, and i love not sitting at a desk all day. i suppose my parents lifestyle has left a permanent standard of living on my mind. so, i am taking ANY and all suggestions as to where to move to (salt lake and seattle are being considered right now), and what i could do for work. please?
5. i found another AMAZING show i want to see in ny in april. . . this one by cai guo-qiang, a chinese installation artist, at the guggenheim. it looks so incredible. i can't wait.6. last but not least CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! spring = babies. and cute ones at that. one time our neighbors were asked to raise a fawn whose mother had been killed. his name was erik. he would totter around the neighborhood and come over for loves. he was so spotty and silky and softy and sweet.


canyouhearme? said...

ah, erik! i bet he was such a little gem! is that him in the pic?

i'm sorry you're struggling with what to do. i'm sure the most unexpected, yet most perfect solution will show its face soon enough. i loved reading about all the aspects your educational background consists of! quite the beautimous little list you've got there, zina dear.

have you ever thought about doing something in a wilderness therapy program for teens?

one last thing- my vote's for seattle. i'm willing to bet a bazillion dollars that you'd totally dig the northwest.

Dainon. said...

I, too, saw Paris, Je T'aime. Tonight. And it's amazing how five minutes of film got bring tears. I loved it alot. A LOT, a lot.

Oh, and I think you need to read The Glass Castle. I think you'll quite like it.

Mr. Fob said...

Yay! You have a blog! Now I have a lot of reading to do.

Double yay! UW Libraries has a copy of Refugee All-Stars, which I will now check out and view on your recommendation.


Mr. Fob said...

Oh, and I definitely recommend Seattle as a cool place to live but I recommend even more Davis, CA, not because I've ever been there, but because that's where Jessie and I are moving in August.

Word verification: zniagn--Appropriate, I think, for your blog.

Aimee said...

i love morning star farms everything, but the corn dogs are our favorites! :)

i really need to start going to the gallery stroll nights. they sound like fun.

good luck with your decision making, it sure can be a pain sometimes to be a "grown up"!