Saturday, March 01, 2008

springtime can kill you

or so says jolie holland. i changed my blog because it was so wintery it made me depressed everytime i looked at it. probably made you depressed too. sorry. there have been hints and promises of spring in the air lately, and sun shining enough to make me risk sandals and bare legs yesterday. i really am looking forward to spring, its been a long winter, lovely with all the snow, but i'm ready for warm. change. flowers. GREEN. yum. some good things as of late: 1. saw step up 2: the streets. seriously go see it. the first one was lame. this one AMAZING dancing. loved it. 2. have been eating lots of salad 3. have made some small progress on my thesis 4. am sleeping in my delicious 600 thread count cotton sheets now instead of flannal. sigh. p.s. that is a pic of my darling sister and i dancing at my best friend's wedding last fall in vermont. i think we should have dance parties all the time.

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Ann Marie said...

Love the new blog format...loved the old one too. AND yes, springtime CAN kill you, I think.