Friday, March 28, 2008

seizures and lust

for christmas this year my friend davey gave me a graphic novel called 'epileptic' by david b. i finally got around to reading it this week and LOVED it!!!! (thank you davey!!!) it is only the third graphic novel i've read, but i'd put it top on the list. its a sort of autobiographical exploration of a young boy and his family and the affect the older brother's epilepsy has on them. its also an exploration of the author's intellectual/ideological coming of age. the drawings are terrific and the story is so heart wrenching and real. its amazing to me how well he captures human emotion and experience through his simple, powerful drawings.
and then secondly, i am seriously lusting after this awesome bike basket from moma store. . . wouldn't it look so great on my bike?? sigh.


andi said...

I am in love with the basket! Hey, very cool radio west today. You're, like, related to famous people.

ps. Just yesterday Marco bought 10 acres in SC. wow.

Aimee "Roo" said...

i am going to have to add that basket to my wish list... along with a cruiser bike to put it on.

Ann Marie said...

Never even thought of reading a graphic novel. Maybe now I will. LOVE the basket!

AND Chris told us about the work extravaganza down at the ol' Birch Creek. Both Ceej and I want to come, however CJ has committed to ski with his brother who is flying into town just for that event. I can come though...just got to figure out the car situation.

ZLB said...

i'm sure we can figure out a ride from someone coming from salt lake, adam and eric for sure. . . we'll keep in touch!

Alisa said...

Todd teaches a graphic novel class. I think this one is on his list. Cool.