Monday, March 17, 2008

st. momma's birthday day

today is my super mom's birthday!!! woo hoo! my mom is hands down the best. a sampling of some things i love about her:
1. shes a rock, calm, collected, graceful, solid, true.
2. she always has good ideas for what i can do with my life
3. she is very generous and service oriented . . . she is charity
4. she's really fun to spend time with horse back riding, running errands, cooking, sitting, anytime.
5. she makes the best pies ever
6. she will always be taller than me so i can always rest my head on her shoulder
i love you mom! happy birthday!


Jeanne said...

Yes you Mom is wonderful and a great sister.

angeliclenore said...

I agree, she is wonderful. We are blessed for knowing her.

Lindsey P said...

Happy Birthday Momma Lee!!!!!!!!!!

Ann Marie said...

love the family photo! I've never met your parents, but from what I've heard they're incredible...happy birthday!

canyouhearme? said...

your mom will always be an inspiration to me!
speaking of your cute fam....
check this out:

samsam said...

z-bird. you are beautiful. your momma is beautiful too.