Monday, March 31, 2008

per favore?

dear friends. i need some help. please. but its really fun help. as many of you know i'm involved in the wonderful birch creek service ranch, a summer program located in spring city for youth (the un-troubled variety. . .though i think all youth have some element of trouble) where we work hard, serve others, play lots, and have a wonderful wonderful time. so here is how you can help:
  1. we need campers! especially the girl kind (i am the director of the girls program, so they will be in my care. . . for better or worse!). this is seriously the most fun any teen can have. so if you know any ages 12-15, PLEASE send them my way. applications can be found here. the session dates are:
    • boys 1: june 9th- july 2nd
    • girls!!!: july 5th- 19th
    • boys 2: july 21st- aug. 13th
2. the second way you can help is that if you don't know a teen, you could donate and help sponser a kid who needs a scholarship.
3. and third and of most immediate helping needed, we are having a work party down at the ranch this friday and saturday in an effort to help resurrect our dear little yurts that got crushed under the heavy snow this winter. we bought about 7 jaunty darling yurts straight from mongolia and the campers have been living in them the last two summers. alas, several of them fell this winter and need some major tlc. please come either or both days, it will be super fun replete with sleepover in the american yurt, hot tubs, conference listening, good food, and glorious nature. let me know if you can make it and we can coordinate carpooling!
thanks! xoxox zina


Chris said...

Sounds like much fun! I might be able to help out on Saturday. Do you have directions that you could e-mail to me.

Jenny Mauro Hicks said...

Hi Zina! It was so good to see you also last week!! Seeing you brings back such great memories and good feelings. I have a friend that I know would love to join you this summer. I'll pass along the information on the girls' camp and see if it is something that sounds fun to her. Hope the yurts can be nursed back to life - if anyone can do it, you and your crew are the ones!
Love, Jenny

pashdown said...

Zina, let me know what a scholarship requires.