Friday, March 07, 2008


here are some things that i love latley:
-the SUN!!! hooray for spring being on its way
-netflix with its scores of period dramas and documentaries
-daddy daughter dates
-being a part of obama raising $55 million in Feb. with over 90% of that coming from donations under $100. . no money from lobbyist or PAC's!!!
-mango sorbet
-watching reuben watch his bird dvd
-orange nail polish
-new shoes made from african fabric
-this painting (and the fact that i'll get to see it at the met in april)and then some things i hate:
-byusa elections. ugh. stop harassing me on campus.
-that my cool shades from peru broke
-that my pants are tight
-the wrinkle furrows in my brow seem to have become permanent. sigh.
thats all. xoxo.


david. said...

what's a wrinkle furrow?

Ann Marie said...

love that painting. jealous you'll be travelling to see it. Have fun!

Milk said...

As this is likely my last chance to brush off BYUSA campaigners, it was bittersweet as I rejected their capped smiling, flyer wielding annoyances.